The theatre

In a theatrical representation what is more suggestive to me is the mystery of the scenic action: its play with light and shadow that magically changes the evident reality, the gestures, the movements and the rituals that compose it. Finally it is that gestural and ritual condensation that is proper of the man, and that all along the man used to give significance to many expressive forms.

“I collected a chorus of criticism”

Playing on words, I wanted the art critics to sing. We are witnessing a reversal of roles: while the usual task of the critics is to talk about artwork, here they become an artwork themselves.

the choristers

The Instruments
The Applause

Particular of “Applauso” • Oil and pastels on canvas • cm 500×220 • 2004

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A room of one’s own

Drawing inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s essay “A room of one’s own” where the writer goes again through female literary history and where she says: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”, I reconstructed life-size her imaginary studio, her desk with feminine objects at the bottom, her purse and a hatbox. On the shelf are the writer’s books which she talks about in her essay.
On the walls there is the hat and the little umbrella used for the trip “to the lighthouse” and a collection of some English landscapes, some portraits and the objects she loved.

Virginia Wolf’s collection

Hairy room

This installation is made with slate plates, on which silk stripes were glued and afterwards taken off. This created a discharge of filaments that seem to be generated from the same stone. The critic Mirella Bentivoglio wrote: “Nadia Nava brings the mineral world into the animal world, making her plates soft to touch, fertile, hairy”.

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