about me

I live and work in Milan, where I studied Philosophy at the Milan State University and Art at the Brera Art Academy. I have travelled widely and spent long periods abroad on the Ivory Coast and in Morocco and Perù to improve my knowledge of the ancient techniques of fabric dying and decoration.
In my artistic work my interest for painting is blended with an interest for different materials including cloth, slate, wood and acetate. In overcoming the two dimensions of the canvas, many of my works can be placed between painting and sculpture.
I draw inspiration from literature, theatre and plays. In my most recent works I realise installations that become tales drawing on these themes, for example in the installation “Ho raccolto un coro di critiche” (I gained a chorus of critics) where I involved and portrayed a series of thirty-six art historians paused in the moment of singing.
The literary theme plays a leading role in “A Room of One’s Own” where I recreated the imaginary room of the writer, Virginia Woolf.

Academic references

My work is referenced in the following academic texts:

  • “The artist book” by Lucia Matteucci. Academic Year 2000/2001 Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, relator Omar Galliani
  • “Slate. From useful stone to art material” by Livia Balossini. Academic Year 2004/2005 Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, relator Luce Delhove
  • “Use of the art in fashion” by Marina Russotto. Academy Year 2010/2011 Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, relator Sergio Pausig
  • “The importance of the project today” by Ilaria Sommariva. Academic Year 2012/2013 Polytechnic University of Milan, relator Alba Cappellieri and Viola Chiara Vecchi.

textile design

At an exhibition of artistic handicraft at Fortezza da Basso in Florence in the 80s, my work was noticed by the stylist Romeo Gigli, who called on me to collaborate on his collections. It is here my career in the world of fashion began.
For many years I have been engaged in experimentation and in the study of textile decoration which has led me to work for the most important international stylists as a textile designer.


I have been on the register of Freelance Journalists since 1992 and have been collaborating for years with art, culture, craft and fashion magazines, including Uomo Vogue, D’A, Artigianato tra Arte e Design, Arte & C, Confini, Juliet Art Magazine, Qui Libri.
I published  the book Il Batik. How to dye and decorate textiles drawing with wax, with preface by Bruno Munari (Ulisse Editions). It has been translated and was published in France by Editions Le Temps Apprivoisé and it is still adopted as a textbook in several art schools.

Didactic activities

I have been invited for many television and radio broadcastings and I have delivered many lectures on the subject of Batik, including:

  • “The art of Batik in Indonesia” – Middle and Far East Superior Institute (January 27th, 1988)
  • “Batik and Plangi” – International Show Eurasia, Monopoli, Bari (August 1988)
  • “The reserve techniques: Batik and Shibori” –  Marangoni Institute for Fashion
  • “Origin and development of the ancient techniques of textile dyeing and decoration” C.E.P. Education Sector of Milan
  • “History and development of the ancient techniques of textile dyeing” – European Institute of Design, Milan (June 29, 1995)
  • “Batik and Shibori” – European Institute of Design, Milan (April 30, 1996)
  • “re.ti.ca. Project” –  Catholic University, Milan. Domus Academy. I attended many TV broadcastings as an expert.